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"We are dedicated to bringing people together through accessible technology and innovative solutions"

  • We support and encourage opportunities for learning and growth

  • We embrace feedback and strive to learn from each other

  • We partner with our collaborators in the field while supporting and celebrating their successes

  • We seek out new processes and new technologies

  • We strategize better applications of existing technology

  • We value curiosity and embrace change



  • We operate all aspects of our work with honesty and integrity

  • We build teams of individuals who prioritize quality, leadership, and respect

  • We acknowledge our areas of growth and seek out input and feedback

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Since our early start in 2003, our team has been comprised of highly experienced, knowledgeable, hardworking professionals. We strive for excellence and flawless performance; from helping you film your online training to executing start to finish multi-day in-person and hybrid events. We consistently meet our clients’ expectations through clear communication and absolute professionalism, while leveraging the newest technology each and every time. Located in Connecticut; our team supports live, virtual, and hybrid events across the US.

Our Core Values

Our Goals

Corporate Event Support with Video Camera and Projection Screens
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